Urban Strategy Partners Team Members each have 15+ years of experience in the field of urban planning and design.

The team members have taken various roles in the following projects:

Urban Planning


  • Capacity Building and Test Planning Exercises for Gaza and the West Bank, 2015. Palestine
  • Gaziosmanpasa, Sarigol Neighborhood Urban Regeneration Project, 2013. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Eyüp, Sakarya Neighborhood Urban Regeneration Project, 2013. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Beyoglu, Hacihusrev Neighborhood Urban Regeneration Project, 2013. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Istanbul Financial Centre Project, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2013. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Prizren Municipal Development Plan, UN-Habitat, 2010. Prizren, Kosova 
  • St. Lucie County, FL Comprehensive Plan, 2009. USA
  • City of Palmetto Comprehensive Plan, 2008. USA
  • Pascagoula Comprehensive Plan Update, 2007. USA
  • Ordinance Plan for Karpaz District, 2002. Cyprus

Strategic Planning

  • Historical Peninsula Management Plan,Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2012. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cayirova Strategy and Action Plan. As a part of Urban Strategy, Inc. team, 2010. Turkey
  • Lehigh Acres, FL Growth Management Plan, 2009. USA
  • Georgetown, TX Growth Management Plan, 2007. USA



Urban Design


Campus Plannıng

  • Corpus Christi,TX HOPE VI Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, 2009. USA
  • Covington,KY HOPE VI Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, 2009. USA
  • Houston, TX HOPE VI Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, 2009. USA
  • Charlottseville HOPE VI Housing Plan, 2008. USA


  • Redeveloping the Moscow Exhibition Centre (VDNH), 2014. Russia
  • Sishane Park Urban Design Project, 2014. Istanbul, Turkey
  • TAK Osmanaga & Hasanpasa Districts in Kadikoy. Tactical Urban Planning, 2013. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Doluca Winery, 2011. TekirdagTurkey
  • Lee County Land Use and Urban Design Plan, 2010. USA
  • Sanibel, FL Design Guidelines, 2008. USA
  • Little Rock Arkansas University District Design, 2007. USA


  • MADAC K12. K12 School and Community Center, Vision planning, and  master plan, 2016. Al-Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • DAR AL FIKR. K12 School and Community Center. Design proposal, 2014. Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • BU Rasathane Research & Technology Park. Bosphorus University. Kandilli, 2013. Istanbul, Turkey
  • AIN K12 School,  Vision planning for the future of education facilities in the region, 2010. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • University of South Florida Tampa Campus Master Plan, 2009. USA
  • University of South Florida Research Park Campus Plan, 2009. USA
  • Treasure Coast Education and Research Development Authority Campus Plan, 2008. USA
  • Georgia Tech Campus Revitalization Plan, 2008. USA