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Urban Planner

Urban Regeneration
Planning in Conflict Zones
Post-conflict Planning & Capacity-Building
Disaster Risk-Management
Risk-Sensitive Land Use/Master Planning

Gizem is an Urban Planner specialized in the field of spatiality of conflict, multiculturalism and post-conflict planning.

As part of her professional experiences, she acted as the Assistant Project Coordinator of the planning division for the Istanbul Financial Centre project (2012-2013). She also took part in several major urban regeneration projevts (2005-2009) and master planning activities (2012-2013) of numerous Istanbul districts, mainly focusing on disaster risk management and risk sensitive land use/master planning.

Recently, she was involved in a capacity-building exercise for Gaza and the West Bank (2015), under the joint forces of UNDP, UN-Habitat, and ISOCARP. Currently, she is working as an editor for the third issue of the Plan Magazine of ISOCARP, which concentrates on the spatial visioning reflections gained during capacity building exercises for Palestine. 

Gizem was born in Cyprus and completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Istanbul-Turkey. She received a Ph.D. in 2014 with a focus on spatiality of conflict.

Her research interests revolve around post-conflict planning, multiculturalism, divided/contested cities, humanitarian/international strategic planning, and peacebuilding.